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Bioluminescent Bay Kayak Tour

Quick Details

Please Note:

  • Weight limit for kayaks is 240 lbs (108 kg) per person.
  • Height will also influence, even if not reaching the weight limit.
  • Failure to notify correctly may result in person(s) not being able to participate on bio bay tour.
BioBay Kayak Tour Price includes pick up in San Juan locations

Puerto Rico Bioluminescent Bay Tour

This is one adventure not to be missed while in Puerto Rico!

Join this fully-guided nighttime BioBay kayak adventure into one of the most amazing excursions of your life. Paddle your way through the mystical mangrove channels leading to “Laguna Grande”.

Upon arrival you will receive the equipment and a briefing on how to kayak. Once set for the adventure, we will be kayaking for 30 minutes approximately thru the mangrove channel to reach the interior of the bay. Here you will meet our glowing friends, the Pyrodinium Bahamense, microscopic planktons capable of producing natural light at the touch of your hand! Explore these amazing organisms up close as our professional eco guides take you to discover all its secrets. Learn how this fragile and unique ecosystem maintains a perfect balance of life and what you can do to protect such a special place.

On this 2 hour BioBay kayak experience, you’ll get to:
• Learn interesting interpretations about the reserve’s fragile ecology
• Paddle in a safe and closed environment
• Explore these amazing planktons up close
• Watch how every stroke of your paddle leaves behind a glowing swirl of blue light and fish light up their path like shooting stars in the water.

The water comes alive with millions of glowing planktons that must be seen to be believed!


  • Wear bathing suit underneath and water shoes (sandals with straps or flip flops work too – cannot be barefoot)
  • Bring a towel and change of clothes.
  • Leave behind any electronic devices, important documentation and large sums of cash. There are no locker facilities, everything stays on the bus.
  • This tour departs from San Juan. Meeting point available for persons staying in Rio Grande, Luquillo and Fajardo.
  • Total estimate duration of 5 hours includes: 2.5 hour driving time (subject to traffic conditions), 2 hours tour
  • The bio bay is an unpredictable natural phenomenon that may be influenced by multiple factors. Bioluminoscity level can vary from very visible to minimum or none without any previous notice. Full Moon phase may also affect the visibility of the bioluminescence. In the event of this happening alternate methods such as the use of a tarp will be incorporated in order to appreciate it.
  • Persons signed up on the 6:00pm group have a probability of being changed to the first turn if minimum amount of participants is not met.
  • All kayaks are doubles. If a party has an uneven number, they will be paired with someone else
  • Published starting time is only an estimate. Exact pick up time will be provided the DAY PRIOR to your tour.
  • No refunds will be provided if person neglects to inform correct weight and cannot participate on the day of the tour

Safety Requirements and Limitations:

• Maximum weight to participate is 240 lbs (108 kg) per person.
• Participants must be physically capable of paddling a two person kayak, on a coordinated matter, and not be afraid of the dark.
• Pregnant ladies, persons with previous injuries, back problems or recent surgery cannot not participate on this tour.
• Children must be 7 years or older to participate.
• Due to the strict weight restriction all participants are subject to be weighted. No cancellations or refunds will be issued if a person neglects to inform correct weight, and is not able to participate of the tour.

What Is Not Included?

• Gratuity for your tour guide is not included, but greatly appreciated
• Stop to eat