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Private Guavate Local Gastronomic tour

Quick Details

People Base rate for up to 2 people ($125 for each additional person)

If you want to experience the culture and the gastronomy of Puerto Rico, nothing is better than making a trip to Guavate!

Every year thousands of Puerto Ricans and tourists visit Guavate to enjoy traditional dishes like: roast pork, BBQ ribs, rice and beans, “pasteles” (mashed green banana filled with meat), pavochón (turkey cooked like pork), Puerto Rican sweets, and “piña colada”.

Join us on this unique and local private gastronomic experience. Have a great day in the mountain town of Cayey, while visiting La Ruta del Lechón for their signature dish of yummy roast pork and learning about the history and culture this pace beholds .
Enjoy the true flavor, like locals do, when you join them and head to the famous lechoneras in Guavate. Lechoneras are outdoor restaurants that specialize in seasoned whole-pig, slow roasted over an open fire. This makes the pork flavorful and delicious. The pig is mounted on a “varita”, a bar usually made of steel and slowly roasted and turned from 6 to 8 hours.

If you are wondering, the taste is a combination of slightly smoked juicy pork and crunchy toasted skin which we call “cuerito”. There can be a dizzying array of side dishes at the restaurant, but since virtually all lechoneras serve cafeteria-style, you can just point to something that appeals to you and it will be served on your plate.

Besides the delicious pork, you’ll be able to taste various native side dishes like:
• Arroz con gandules – Rice with pigeon peas
• Yuca – Cassava
• Pana – Breadfruit
• Sweet potato
• Tostones
• Mofongo
• Morcilla – Blood sausage

In addition to all of the delicious food, you’ll take in fantastic live music (on weekend trips only) that gets people dancing and singing, and taste the cool mountain air.

Anthony Bourdain of No Reservations on the Travel Channel visited Guavate to sample our world famous barbecue. Now it’s your turn!

Depending on your interests, and if the schedule allows for it, we can make a final stop at Charco Azul. This is a small natural pool located 30 minutes from Guavate. Its an easy trail (10 mins walk approximately) and you can take a quick dip in the refreshing water (optional).

What Is Not Included?

• Food and Gratuity for your tour guide is not included, but greatly appreciated

Please Note:

If traveling with children from 0 – 6 years a car seat/ booster seat is required. Please notify at the moment of booking if you will be traveling with your own or require us to provide it. We provide them complimentary, but need to be requested with anticipation.

If interested in going to Charco Azul, wear bathing suit underneath and bring a towel. Please mention this to your Guide, since this stop is only made upon request.

Meeting Location

• Your Hotel Lobby in the metro Area. (Exact pickup time will be provided upon purchase of tickets.)